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JPT: a Permanent Laboratory for the theatrical creation connected to science, the people of science and the scientific tale

JPT is a a project directed by Andrea Brunello Ph.D. and coordinated by the Arditodesìo Theatre Company.

JPT, whose objective is to Bring out the Human side of Science, is a permanent laboratory for the theatrical creation connected to science, the people of science and the scientific tale. Arditodesìo is a well known professional Italian company. The project was started in 2012.

JPT is a project that aims to narrate science by means of theatre. This has the added benefit of inspiring the audience and enriching their scientific knowledge. The aim is to allow people to understand science and the people of science in a whole new way, by developing a sense of curiosity and wonder. Therefore the aim is to stimulate a thirst for knowledge fostering a better comprehension of the scientific world, the people that live it, and the results of science.

The basic philosophy is that we must act a redistribution of… knowledge. JPT explores the mechanisms of the scientific tale and popularization by means of the stage work so that, through theatre, the more human elements of science can be brought forward. The project aims at engaging with theatres, festivals, universities, schools, museums, libraries and other cultural and scientific organisations.

All the plays produced by JPT are extensively researched and reviewed by experts in the fields. In particular we have set up very close collaborations with:

  • The Physical Science Communication Laboratory of the Physics Department of the University of Trento (Italy)
  • The University of Bordeaux and with the support of IdEx Bordeaux and research centers IRSTEA and Labex COTE (University of Bordeaux - France)
  • The Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento - Italy)

The shows can be performed in either English or Italian, surtitlement possible.

Download here the official and up-to-date JPT brochure in .pdf

Curriculum Andrea Brunello

Pale Blue Dot (prod 2015)
A revolution will save us. Or will it?
With Andrea Brunello. Directed by Christian Di Domenico.
New production. Premiere November 24th 2015 at FESTIVAL FACTS in Bordeaux.

Taking out Grandpa (prod 2014)
A fast forward journey into Time!
With Roberto Abbiati e Andrea Brunello.

The Principle of Uncertainty (prod 2012)
Inspired by Richard Feynman and dedicated to our sons.
With Andrea Brunello and Enrico Merlin.

JPT concentrates its activities mainly in the production and distribution of theatrical works and plays.
But our expertise is available also in the following instances:


- Playwriting applied to science. How to construct a gripping science story.
- Storytelling techniques for science communicators.

The science behind the plays

- Conference lectures on the topics touched upon by the JPT plays

Ad Hoc projects for schools, festivals, museums and theatres

- We are happy to put our expertise at use in specific ad hoc projects that can be requested of us.

Where we have been

JPT plays have been shown at a great number of venues, theatres, universities and schools.
Here we mention some:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, University of Warwick - U.K., University of Bordeaux - France, University of Trento - Italy, University of Milan “Statale” - Italy, University of Milan “Bicocca” - Italy, University of Bergamo - Italy, ECSITE Annual Conference - The Hague / Netherlands, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Genoa Science Festival, BergamoScienza, Turin’s Theatre and Science, International Centre for Theoretical Physics - Trieste, The Joint Research Center for the European Commission in Ispra/Varese - Italy, The Provincial Library System - Trentino Region - Italy… and many, many more theatres and festivals.


Andrea Brunello, Ph.D.
Project Director
a.brunello [at] jetpropulsiontheatre [dot] com

Prof. Stefano Oss
Scientific Advisor. Head of the Physical
Science Communication Laboratory of the physics
Department of the University of Trento
stefano.oss [at] unitn [dot] it

Pierre Echard
International Development
pierre.echard [at] me [dot] com

Serena Grossi
Organization and Distribution
jpt [at] jetpropulsiontheatre [dot] com

Francesca Pegoretti
Project administrator
f.pegoretti [at] jetpropulsiontheatre [dot] com

Arditodesìo Company
C/o Portland Theatre

Via Papiria, 8 38122 TN Italy
Tel (+39) 0461.924470
Mob (+39) 348.3985085
jpt [at] jetpropulsiontheatre [dot] com


Sponsors and supporters



The Ernest Solvay Fund managed by the
King Baudouin Foundation

The Regione Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Province

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